About TBM


“The Black Market” was a faction(guild) founded in The Matrix Online(MxO) by Gtactics and Mastatec in 2005. The faction was based on the trade of goods and the respect of all other players. The faction stayed in MxO for around three years when the game population began to dwindle. Although game interest started to decline, the core group of members still enjoyed playing other games and MMOs together. It was for this reason the faction evolved into “The Black Market Multi-Gaming Community,” and later, just “TBM-Gaming.” From there we’ve played many video games and MMOs including our largest and most recent successful venture into World of Warcraft.


TBM Gaming’s core group has been together for years because of the friendships and bonds that we created though video gaming. We strive to maintain the relationships we’ve built, while expanding our gaming family to new members.  As such we are always looking for new gamers, writers, and podcasters to get involved with our community.  We are expanding our community to include gaming reviews as well as expand/improve our podcasting division.  We currently have plans to re-launch our two previous podcasts: “The Lag Spike!” and “Digital Defrag,” as well as launch additional podcasts in the future.